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Ladies and Gentlemen, In the twenty-fifth year of its re-independence, Lithuania again stands proud of its strong spirit, courage and political will. Lithuania, the first of the Baltic States, has built a liquefied natural gas terminal. It is a strategic energy project that will determine our future. At the same time, it is Lithuania's great victory.
Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Today, numerous armed conflicts and instability in the world make us go back to the main purposes of the United Nations: to keep peace throughout the world. As member states of the United Nations, we are all committed to this core principle. With the danger of terrorism and war spreading in the world, now is the right moment to stop and reconsider our actions and do everything possible to bring an end to the fighting, be it in your own homeland, neighbouring countries, or in your region.
Dear Generals, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to welcome you all in Lithuania at the meeting that follows the Wales Summit. Two weeks ago, in Wales, all the leaders agreed who is the aggressor in Europe today. Sadly but the price for eyes-opening was far too high ‒ occupation of a sovereign countries territory, repeated violations of international law and ‒ most important - many innocent lives.
Dear Participants of the Awards Ceremony, Today we pay tribute to the spirit of humanness that goes beyond regimes and wars. We bow our heads before those who held the life of their friends, neighbors or total strangers more precious than personal safety. Battered by the storms of history, deprived of national independence, robbed of normal life, the people of Lithuania stood firm by the only value left to them - humanness.

Dear Fellow People of Lithuania, Each and every word of my oath has resounded and will resound in my life as a personal commitment to you. We are destined to live in exceptional times and work together to take care of Lithuania. I know that it will be not easy, but we will continue the efforts started and we will find a way out of even the most difficult situations. For me, leading my country means to protect the interests of the Lithuanian people every single day across all fields. My objective is to bring honest, professional and responsible people together for a common goal - to make Lithuania stronger.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Back in Vilnius from all over the world, you are the pride of Lithuania. Your success stories are the best proof that our country encourages, inspires and develops great talents. It is true that in order to use your ability to the full, many of you have graduated foreign universities, work in international companies and now live outside Lithuania. However, your Lithuanian roots - which shaped your mindset, character and educational background - have also helped you to achieve success.
Dear Fellow People of Lithuania, Dear Participants of the Flag Raising Ceremony, The tricolors flying above our heads have once again united us as one nation and one state - Lithuania, a homeland for us all. The tricolor is not just a symbol of our state - it is a symbol of its each citizen. A token that brings us together for common goals and fosters the feeling of unity. The three colors signify our identity and uniqueness. Our home and our life.
Dear Participants of the Awards Ceremony, Today decorate those who keep a sacred place for Lithuania both in their hearts and work. Their life speaks the undeniable truth: Lithuania is dear and precious because it is the only one. It empowers to be exclusive and unique. It defines who we were, are and want to be. Lithuania makes it possible for us to be ourselves and to build our own future.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear guests and on-line participants, the representatives of two innovation driven nations meet in Vilnius today. The United States, a world recognized leader in innovation, and Lithuania, an ambitious, creative and hard-working start-up in the innovation world. I am sure the United States and Lithuania have a lot to offer each other, discovering synergies in their innovative activities.

Dear Fellow People, Distinguished Members of the Seimas, Today we all are witnesses that Lithuania's historic decision made ten years ago to be in the European Union was the very best. We all still remember that feeling of elevation when we became members of the European Union and saw our tricolor flying along with other EU national flags.
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