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Free-of-charge tours of the Presidential Palace are available on Fridays at 16:30 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 14:30. In summer, guided tours are also offered in English on Sundays: 9:00-14:30. Groups are limited to 25 people. Personal identification documents are required.


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Flag Replacement Ceremony in Front of the Presidential Palace


Each Sunday at 12 o'clock, the Flag Replacement Ceremony is performed not only by soldiers in modern full dress uniform, but also by the Guard of Honor clad in medieval armor.


Soldiers in armor of the style of Grand Duke Algirdas demonstrate a special drill formation performed at festive ceremonies.


The Flag Replacement Ceremony in Daukanto Square is opened by the sounds of trumpets and drums. Soldiers in fourteenth-century military dress march through the main gates of the Presidential Palace to the square to demonstrate a medieval drill formation. They are followed by the Guard of Honor in modern full dress uniform who lower the flags, replace them, and raise new flags. After the replacement is completed, two soldiers in medieval uniforms return to the square to keep a one-hour guard.


The traditional Flag Replacement Ceremony performed each Sunday is simpler: Guards of Honor in modern full dress uniform replace the flags - which is followed by a one-hour guard by two soldiers in fourteenth-century military dress.


The military guard replacement ceremony and military drill formation with soldiers clad in historical uniforms are part of state-level ceremonies performed in many countries of the world.


The Flag Replacement Ceremony was renovated for the forthcoming celebrations of Lithuania's Millennium. It aims to develop patriotism and promote interest in Lithuanian history and culture among local residents and guests. It also signifies that the modern armed forces of Lithuania cannot be separated from the country's glorious past.

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