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Public Events at the Presidential Palace

Continuing the Open Spaces project, the Presidential Palace invited to the performance for children

Sunday, January 22, Vilnius - Continuing the public Open Spaces events, Sunday afternoon the Presidential Palace invited children and their parents to the Column Hall to see the play "Elenytė and the Three-headed".


This play from the ethno-culture programme of the theatre "Green Crow" is based on a Lithuanian fairy tale and is meant for pre and primary school children. The play is performed using sculpture-like woodcarven puppets which fit in a dowry chest. The actress involves children in the performance by asking them to sing together and help to defeat the three-headed dragon.


The author and stage director of the play is actress Aurelija Čeredėjevaitė/Čeredaitė, the sculpture and woodcarver - Robertas Bartašius, the costume designer - Dalia Dokšaitė, the composer - Vidmantas Bartulis.


After the performance the pupils from Vilnius Pro-Gymnasium "Taika" showed the extracts from the creative project "Let's live creating". 6-7th class pupils, led by Daiva Daubarienė, Neringa Jasiūnaitė ir Valentas Daubaras, sang and performed fragments from Aurelija Čeredaitė's play "Conversation with a hedgehog".

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