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Public Events at the Presidential Palace

Open Spaces of the Presidential Palace – for open society

Sunday, September 18, Vilnius - President Dalia Grybauskaitė participated in the events opening the third Open Spaces season in the Presidential Palace.


The President underlined that the Presidential spaces, opened every year, contribute to building a more open society. An increasing interest in these events, she said, shows that Lithuanians become more open to the surrounding environment, eagerly expanding the circle of interests and broadening the scope of knowledge.


"I am truly delighted to see you and hear your lively voices here in the Presidential Palace. As in previous years, we are opening the space to you. May it become a meeting place for your families, friends, and new acquaintances. Be together, communicate and share! We will build open Lithuania only if we are open ourselves," the President said.

On Sunday afternoon, Dalia Grybauskaitė looked around a unique exhibition of ceramic articles in the Palace Park. Later, in the inner courtyard, she listened to the concert of wind orchestra.


The exhibition of ceramic articles made during Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposiums which were attended by 143 artists from 32 countries contains about 30 works perfectly fitting in the open-air spaces. The residents and guests of Lithuania will have an opportunity to visit this exhibition on weekends from 18 September to 16 October, 12.00-18.00 hours. All events held in the Presidential Palace are free of charge.


The programme of the season's opening included the concert by the State Wind Orchestra "Trimitas" (principal conductor U. Vaiginis).


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