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Public Events at the Presidential Palace

Presidential Palace hosted exhibition about Swiss Artists in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL)

Sunday, November 20, Vilnius - Continuing the Open Spaces events, the Presidential Palace invited the residents and guests of Vilnius to the opening of a new exhibition. Sunday afternoon, the Column Hall of the Presidential Palace was open for everybody wishing to see the exhibition "Lugano Lakefront Art legacy in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania".

For several centuries Swiss artists worked and created in the GDL leaving deep and lasting traces in more than half a hundred localities.

The exhibition displays the work done by photographer M.Ambrazas and historian R. Kamuntavičius. Thousands of kilometers were covered on the roads of Italy, Switzerland, Belarus, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, hundreds of photos were taken of architectural monuments, and for two years the historical material was collected in the archives of Italy, Switzerland, Poland and Lithuania.

This exhibition is part of the project "Lithuania - Switzerland: restoring previous economic and cultural cooperation".

Introducing the project, Lithuanian Honorary Consul in Swiss Confederation (Tessin) Gintautas Bertašius has underlined that the Tessin region and Lithuania have long-lasting cultural and economic ties.

Director of the Institute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Associate Professor at Vytautas Magnus University Dr. Rūstis Kamuntavičius spoke about historical investigations, discoveries and comments to be published in a book.

The programme of the event included the concert by early music group "Lirum" from Vilnius Balys Dvarionas Music School (headed by Auksė Stankevičienė).

The exhibition was also visited by representatives of foreign embassies.
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