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Public Events at the Presidential Palace

Rebirth of best Easter traditions at Presidential Palace

Sunday, March 25, Vilnius - On Sunday afternoon, the Presidential Palace invited the residents and guests of Lithuania to the open pre-Easter event "Waiting for Easter..." which was organized together with Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre.

Writers, folk artists and musicians created the mood of approaching Easter.


All participants of the event had an opportunity not only to learn more about Easter traditions but also to listen to Lithuanian folk songs. The guests were eagerly learning to make verbas (Palm Sunday flowers), decorate eggs using wax, and play traditional Lithuanian games.


The event was attended by writer Marcelijus Martinaitis, National Award Laureate, who this year has published a new, original in structure and form, book "Marcelijaus margučiai" (Marcelijus' Decorated Eggs). The writer recalled the Easter of his childhood and spoke about the decoration of eggs as a certain philosophy of life.


The author of one of the largest verbas in the world, Agata Granicka, shared the secrets of making these flowers.


Having learnt this art from her grandmother and mother, she taught the participants of the folk art event how to make a traditional verba. Laisvė Ašmonaitienė familiarized the visitors with the techniques of decorating eggs using wax.


The programme of the event included a concert by folk group "Aglija" (leader Algirdas Klova) which sang songs and entertained with various games, and by Justina Mileškaitė who played kanklės, the Lithuanian plucked string instrument. Folk artist Marija Liugienė was the host of the event.

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