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Dalia Grybauskaitė presented a kite to the President of Estonia

Tuesday, May 28, Vilnius - President Dalia Grybauskaitė together with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, currently on a state visit in Lithuania, have unveiled a plaque with the Estonian version of the Užupis Constitution. Following the ceremony, the two presidents visited the Arts Incubator.


"Freedom is imprinted in the hearts of Užupis residents. The freedom to be you, to speak the truth, and not to flow downstream. Love of freedom united Lithuania and Estonia two decades ago in their drive to reestablish national statehood. Freedom and responsibility also brings us together today as we seek solutions that are best for the Baltic region and for Europe," the President said.


She pointed out that the number of free people living in one square kilometer in the Republic of Užupis is perhaps the highest in the world. "Užupis residents are creating the strongest genuine bond that connects people, and that is friendship," the President said. "Today we have strengthened this bond between Lithuania and Estonia even further."


The Presidents of Lithuania and Estonia also visited the Užupis Arts Incubator where they met with local artists and viewed an exhibition dedicated to Oskaras Milašius. The Užupis Art Incubator is one of the most successful creative centers in the Baltic States.


President Dalia Grybauskaitė presented a kite as a gift to the President of Estonia. The kite, decorated with Lithuania's EU Presidency logo and the national colors of Lithuania and Estonia, was specially made by the Art Incubator's kite designers.


"The wind that will fly this kite is vitally important to all of us. It is the wind of freedom, responsibility and truth which has always been blowing in Užupis. I wish that the three Baltic States never feel a shortage of such winds," the Dalia Grybauskaitė said as she presented the kite to the president of Estonia.


She underlined that Lithuania was the first of the Baltic States to take over the rotating EU presidency. Therefore, we must bring our dynamism, creativity, wisdom, and the support of our partners together for this flight, the President said. "The Lithuanian Presidency is yet another opportunity for the three Baltic nations to contribute to Europe's prosperity and its tomorrow."


The President wished the residents of Užupis, the longest existing community in Lithuania, to continue taking such great care of each other and the state, and to further promote Lithuania around the world.


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